Commonwealth Health Wilkes-Barre General Hospital

Just picked up my mom from the hospital. She had her appendix out, gallbladder out and a large cancerous mass in her colon removed. AND GUESS WHAT?! They sent her home with no pain medication. She is to take Tylenol if she has pain! I’m so angry!!! Right now she still has iv pain meds in her, but I’m sure she will be in a lot of pain once that wears off. What is wrong with these doctors and our medical system? I guess they think she will either overdose or become addicted if they give her prescription pain medications. If she is in agonizing pain, I will not let them treat my mother like this. I just don’t understand in what world that this is okay. This is inhuman treatment!!! Shame on the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital! Dr. Kline states that, we need to start calling out the people and places that treat patients with gross negligence. We need to stop with the silence. It’s just allowing these entities to continue treating patients in this way. I will no longer be silent!!! ... fc8bdef6,1,,,
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