vets of foreign wars dying by suicide everyday

Some Media outlets and reporters are trying to tell the truth. We can take good honest reporting regardless of the reason. People are dying and committing suicide because of the governments hysteria and fake news.
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vets of foreign wars dying by suicide everyday

Post by admin » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:37 pm

PRESS RELEASE from Nealy Tynes, President, International OPERATION PAIN RELIEF
by Staff
4-28-19 ... 39697.html

In 2010 the Department of Defense told us there were 18 vets of foreign wars dying by suicide everyday in Washington state. That is approximately 6,570 per year.

Now, it’s 2019 and the suicide rate is increasing dramatically in Washington state each day, not only by the vets of foreign wars, but include cancer patients, fibromyalgia patients, RSD/CRPS patients, etc., who are all untreated for their pain.

Washington state was considered the first “Pilot Project” state in America, back in 2010. Now there are 6 pilot project states in the union.

Whatever passed in Washington state, passed nationwide. Blame ESHB 2876, sponsored and written by Jim Moeller (House Rep), in 2010.

I read it. There were no facts, or findings of law in Jim’s Bill. It was simply hearsay, and a story. No proof of what he wrote was backed up by any documentation.

ESHB 2876 was about a story of children getting into their parents medicine cabinets, finding pill bottles, overdosing, while their parents were not at home.

And, that my friends, became law. It was merely a story.

I interviewed each of the House of Representatives in the Washington state, Olympia, legislators’ offices. Each and everyone of them had a ‘boiler plate’ answer to me. They said: “I was told to not read it, and to not research it, but to sign it and send it up the governor’s office.” Governor Christine Gregoire then passed it into law.

I found out later, during my investigation, that the FDA pressured the legislators into signing ESHB 2876.

I confronted the FDA, and told them they have no jurisdiction over our Washington state legislators, and they need to get the hell out of our state, and don’t ever come back.

In the meantime, the doctors started leaving our state in droves. There were none to be found who would take chronic pain patients, and the suicide rate climbed even further.

I was sad. I was angry. I was in shock. I felt helpless.

But, God had a plan for me, and I kept advocating anyway, to the best of my ability.

Then I became empowered by FACEBOOK. A whole new world opened up for me, and now I am on fire, and grateful.

Please share this PRESS RELEASE.

Signed, Nealy Tynes
President, International OPERATION PAIN RELIEF

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