Robert D. Rose Jr #STARBURST Complaint Retaliation

Here it will explain the importance for each American to join these heroes by filing a Motion to Join for each state.
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Robert D. Rose Jr #STARBURST Complaint Retaliation

Post by admin » Mon Dec 16, 2019 4:55 pm

Back by popular demand! This is the recording of Dr. Avonda from Auschwitz at Mountain Home VAMC, Johnson City TN informing me of the retaliation for my lawsuit defending all veterans and Americans.

CLICK HERE: below ... 9ubhMZ3x3w

Fortunately this recording was sufficient for the State of Tennessee Disability department to continue my benefits without the state form required by law.

Sadly, requests for assistance from the Department of Justice, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, OH, and a certified letter with the audio file to President Trump were all ignored.

Then again, why would a 100% disabled Marine expect any help from these entities? 😢

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