My doctor has intentionally destroyed my life - I have multiple autoimmune diseases. Lupus, RA, Sjogren's Syndrome, etc.

It has got so bad regardless of the multiple diseases or cancer patients are being treated in a sadistic manor. The doctors blame their behavior on the DEA and that didn't work for the German's at trial in WW2. The DEA should be the fight the rich doctors group up with the AMA and bring it to every TV in the nation the DEA has hijacked the pain management community.
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My doctor has intentionally destroyed my life - I have multiple autoimmune diseases. Lupus, RA, Sjogren's Syndrome, etc.

Post by admin » Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:34 am

Hello, I am Pamela Glazebrook here to tell you about my story with pain management in Arizona. This is more than a story of a ruthless uncaring PM Doctor its the suffering he put me through and knew would happen as a person in his position would.
  • I have multiple autoimmune diseases. Lupus, RA, Sjogren's Syndrome, Osteoporosis,
    Autoimmune Hepatitis, CRPS/RSD, Raynauds, etc....
I would spend every winter on Iowa bed-bound or at least housebound.

When we first came to Arizona, I didn't know i could feel that good! On the medicine regime i was on, plus the dry hot air, i thought i would get some of my life back.
  • Very quickly my new pain doctor took away my opiates - cold turkey.
  • I was thrown into withdrawal immediately. I have very few memories of the first several days.
  • I spent a full month on no pain meds. It was like gravity was trying to tear me apart. I had to fight to make every movement while reminding myself to quit clenching my jaws and trying to meditate. Sleep was impossible.
My pain doctor finally put me on hydrocodone instead of my oxycodone. It made me very drowsy and did not touch my pain. After a few months of telling my doctor this, he replied if it was making me drowsy we should go to a smaller dose. I felt defeated.

After much soul searching and investigating I decided to try medical marijuana. I was 56 years old and have never used before. I had to learn how to smoke. I now make cannabis butter and split my day between edibles and smoking.
  • I recently to a bad fall. Landed on my face. Concussion, many broken teeth, bit clear through my top lip, road rash.
    At the ER a went through multiple xrays and a CT scan. I was offered nothing for pain. I couldn't eat, or smoke my marijuana. I was offered nothing for pain.
Last week I went through a extensive 3 hour dental appointment to begin to fix the damage done to my teeth. I was advised to buy ibuprofen on the way home. I was in agony when it was over for a full week.
  • I am finding my way.
I cannot carry my "pain medication" with me. That is illegal.

How am I going to visit my family in Iowa? Even medical marijuana is illegal there.

I can live without opiates, but now feel if as I am on a leash.

Marijuana needs to be legalized throughout the USA for this to truly work.

Editors Comments: This is a first hand story delivered by email after posting on Facebook first. We need these stories out there. This is cruel and unusual punishment and under the Human Rights Watch its defined as torture.

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