My Pain Story - Christina Nunn

It has got so bad regardless of the multiple diseases or cancer patients are being treated in a sadistic manor. The doctors blame their behavior on the DEA and that didn't work for the German's at trial in WW2. The DEA should be the fight the rich doctors group up with the AMA and bring it to every TV in the nation the DEA has hijacked the pain management community.
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My Pain Story - Christina Nunn

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My Pain Story

I first started having chronic pain when I was 4 months pregnant with my son back in 2007. I toughed it out at first but I ended up seeing my PCP and rheumatologist & getting some treatment for RA & fibromyalgia.
Then in 2009-2010, things got REALLY bad: it was eventually discovered that I had a 9-inch long benign hemangioma tumor going from the spinous process of T4 to my left shoulder blade, which was unbearably painful, but only one neurosurgeon believed me and did a T4 laminectomy & tumor resection. He said this tumor ended up eating away part of this protective coating around my spinal cord and that I would always be in pain from it. Well, the surgery was a success because it took care of most of the pain.

Anyway, fast-forward to today:
  • I've got another aggressive vertebral hemangioma at T10, but once again, no doctor will believe that I'm one of the rare 1% of patients with symptomatic vertebral hemangiomas!
I've been red-flagged, black-listed, called many different names (besides the usual "drug-seeker" & addict). I've been screamed at by ER nurses (among other verbal abuse), verbally and even physically abused by EMTs (can't prove it, so they've told me...), etc.

The forced tapering off of very effective high dose opioid medications caused me to have a stroke in my early 30s. Afterwards, I lost my successful career and my life has spiraled downhill ever since this started 3-4 years ago.
Today I've got an OK pain doctor, but he's "injection & procedure happy" and has expressed fear of going to jail and such to me in the past. He's reduced my meds to the point they barely touch the pain. 2 of my former pain doctors left pain management out of fear of DEA persecution and I don't blame them.
  • Like I've said before, I could write a book! This is just a basic outline of my story. If it weren't for Kratom, I would already be dead because the constant pain I would feel without it just isn't compatible with life!
I left out a lot, but I didn't want a ridiculously long post. My basic diagnoses not listed above: OA, DDD, possible CRPS/RSD (disputed by current PM doc), seizure disorder, hx of mild strokes, PE & other blood clots.

It also took doctors 2 years to realize I needed a hysterectomy and a cholecystectomy...but they were too busy accusing me of "drug-seeking" to actually diagnose the real problems I was having. I almost died of sepsis from my gallbladder as they were wheeling me into an emergency cholecystectomy!
  • No one deserves to be in unbearable pain, especially when patients like me were stable on them (opioids) for a very long time. It's inhumane and it directly goes against my Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
We desperately need to find a middle ground in which to prescribe and take opioids, and without government overreach and interference. Our physicians know what they're doing!

Thank you for listening!

Christina Leann Nunn
7108 Hardwood Trl
Dallas, TX 75249

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