Another Veteran in pain commit suicide at VA center

There seems to have been veterans driving into VA campuses and committing suicide over the VA's no Opioid policy. The feel they like us are being treated like drug addicts.
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Another Veteran in pain commit suicide at VA center

Post by admin » Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:39 pm

A suicide hotline doesn't help someone who is in chronic intractable pain who can't even function who can't work can even think straight daring constant pain even food is torturest. How could the US government use up American young people and discard them like this once they're injured and leave them in chronic pain to where they have to commit suicide to get out of the pain.

SOURCE: ... al-center/

THIS‼️ THIS Happened Today! MY HOMETOWN! I Will be seriously crushed if it is a Veteran I know or helped in the past

EVERY WEEK I am reading about a Veteran who died by Suicide! When is OUR SOCIETY gonna stand up and tell Congress and the DOD to get off their backsides and do something about this??

YES‼️ Every person in our country needs to stand up and DO their job as a U.S. citizen and address this epidemic with our government! Simply saying “we need to do better for our veterans” is not enough and you all need to start calling and emailing your congressmen and Congresswomen about this issue because THAT is part of YOUR job as a United States citizen and how YOU “can do better by veterans”

btw, THIS is the 4th incident of a veteran dying by suicide outside a VA facility THIS MONTH! This does not include the average of 22 veterans a day who die by suicide EVERY DAY!

Veteran takes his own life outside Cleveland VA Medical Center
POSTED 10:56 AM, APRIL 29, 2019, BY TALIA NAQUIN, UPDATED AT 01:40PM, APRIL 29, 2019
CLEVELAND– The Cleveland VA Medical Center reports a veteran took his own life outside the Wade Park emergency department Monday morning.

An email about the incident was sent to employees around 10 a.m.

The VA center reports they have grief counselors on site.

Due to privacy regulations, the VA cannot provide further details.

The VA reports it is working to provide support to the family.

If you or anyone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number at 1-800-273-8255.

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