The Right Medication, The Right Dosage, Individualized for YOU!

What you should know about pain medications, and what to do and how to deal with drug testing.
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The Right Medication, The Right Dosage, Individualized for YOU!

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DNA Med Match

The Right Medication, The Right Dosage, Individualized for YOU!

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  • The same prescription that helps you,
    may not be effective for me,
    and can send a third person to the hospital.
That's called an Adverse Drug Reaction
and there's a way for you to avoid it!
  • A simple 2 minute cheek swab can help your physician to select medications that work for you, based on your own genetic make-up.
Welcome to Precision Medicine.

Listen to our 2 minute pre-recorded message at 410-234-2005 or watch video NOW!

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Testing

There’s a new test available that predicts how your body will respond to over 300 prescribed medications based on your genetic makeup. It’s essentially a Medication to DNA Compatibility test. The technical term is Pharmacogenomic DNA test, a.k.a. PGx. It’s important because it shows your physician drugs won’t work and drugs may harm you.

Most importantly, it can pinpoint the right medication and dosage personalized for you. The reason for this is the vast diversity of mutations that exist in our DNA. Mutations in our genes alter how quickly a drug will be absorbed and excreted. Other mutations vary the speed at which our liver will metabolize a drug.

Having this information is crucial for the doctor because it helps to determine each patient’s optimal medications and dosage. Selecting the right prescription for a patient is challenging for physicians, to say the least. A doctor can’t just look at someone and know if they are a slow or a rapid metabolizer. But a PGx report reveals exactly that. PGx will help the medical community to usher in a new age of prescribing that’s based on actionable scientific evidence decoded from each patient’s DNA.

Doctors will now be able to prescribe exactly the right drug, at exactly the right dosage, right at the onset of treatment. Patients currently on medications can have their prescriptions adjusted to their optimal meds and dosage. Pharmacogenomics ensures safe and effective prescribing in an era when 70% of Americans are taking a prescription medicine. The age of Precision Medicine is upon us.


Adverse Drug Reactions a.k.a ADR:
Every year 2 million people in the U.S. are hospitalized due to ADR

Annually some 125,000 people unnecessarily die from ADR

It’s estimated another 2-4 million people suffer with side effects at home

ADR is the 4th leading cause of death and 90-95% could be prevented

Allergic reactions make up 5-10% of ADR – the rest are genetic mutations

The FDA reports that the annual cost of ADR exceeds $136 billion

PGx Reduces hospital visits by 1/3 for seniors taking more than one med

Over 300 medications are known to cause ADR due to genetic factors

National Institute of Health (NIH) – PGx testing could save $3,962 per year, ON EACH PATIENT with depression, sparing them from months or even years of frustration from taking non-therapeutic treatments

Benefits Of PGx Testing With DNA Med Match:
Dramatically reduce your risk of experiencing an Adverse Drug Reaction

Our Best-in-class Lab tests 53 genes & reports on over 300 meds, it’s the most comprehensive PGx test with the highest degree of clinical evidence

Predicts drug interactions with recommendations for alternatives

We are the ONLY PGx lab that includes predictions for Drug to Food, Drug to Alcohol and Drug to Lab Interactions

Eliminates “Trial and Error” frustration from non-therapeutic prescriptions

Helps to reduce healthcare costs in multiple ways
10%–20% of hospital inpatients will have at least one ADR
Many Health Insurers & Medicare cover the costs 100% (No HMO’s)

Medicaid may pay PGx testing costs 100% in certain states

These Prestigious Institutions Are Doing PGx Testing:
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (tests every patient)
Mayo Clinic
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Johns Hopkins Hospital
Stanford University Medical Center
George Washington University Medical Center
Cleveland Clinic
Duke Medical Center
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Icahn School of Medicine, Mt. Sinai, NY
Many more, too many to list
View the first four pages of our comprehensive 40 page report by clicking HERE.

Our complete 40 page report shows drug-to-drug, drug-to-alcohol, & drug-to-food interactions.
We Can Help You To Engage Your Doctor

There are several ways for you to introduce Personalized Medicine to your health care provider. When you Contact Us, we’ll email information to you regarding PGx testing that you can share with your doctor. You can present these materials to your physician by yourself, or we can advocate for you. We can become your personal PGx Advocate.

First, together we would determine if a PGx test may be “Medically Necessary” for you, as many insurers will then pay for the cost of the test. If you qualify, we will then contact your physician on your behalf, and explain why we believe that you should have a PGx test performed. The only things that we ask is for YOU to tell your doctor that you want him to prescribe this test for you, AND that you want him to talk with us about Personalized Medicine.

If your physician agrees that you have the medical necessity required to take this test, we will send them a collection kit. They will collect a DNA sample from you to send to our lab (Supplies and shipping are FREE for practitioners). They will receive your personalized PGx report in about two weeks. They’ll call you in for a consultation and alter your drug therapy as recommended by your report.

Most practitioners will begin testing all of their patients that demonstrate medically necessity once they see firsthand the benefits of PGx testing. The benefits are many. For example, each patient tested reduces their risk of having an ADR by 90-95%. So your action may save lives. Your physician’s chance of causing an ADR goes down with each patient tested, which in turn reduces his risk of a malpractice lawsuit. Being a Healthcare Provider is stressful, and by taking the guesswork out of prescribing it will help them to alleviate some of that stress.

Most importantly, your medications are now targeted to provide you with their optimal therapeutic benefit based on your own genetics.

If you are the type of person that is proactive about your health, please contact us. We will help you to engage your healthcare provider

When You Contact DNA Med Match:
You’ll receive a customized letter and supporting documents with concise information about PGx to present to your doctor

Access more info on PGx testing including a Complete Sample Report

At your request we’ll assign your own PGx Advocate to engage your physician and explain the benefits of PGx testing on your behalf

We’ll help your doctor determine if the PGx test is applicable for you and send them FREE supplies to perform your test

Contact Us For More Information – Be Proactive About Your Health

We Promise To Get Back To You Promptly. Contact Us Today!

DNA Med Match was created by Ted Steranko,
an Independent & Certified TS Medical, LLC Representative.

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