When Tragedy Strikes

Stores told by the people suffering in touching poems and experiences that are heartbreaking.
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When Tragedy Strikes

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"When Tragedy Strikes"

Life can be filled
With tragedy and drear,
Troubles and heartaches,
Losses and fear.

Remember there are those
Who empathize your pain,
But keep in mind
There is still much to gain.

Even though everything
You own has perished,
You still have those loved ones
You deeply cherish.

You probably feel
You are all alone,
There are many others
Who have lost their home.

Keep in mind
Job lost everything,
But also remember
God was testing his faith.

Be strong and keep hold
To things that are true,
Even when the road
Is so weary and blue.

Friends turn from you
Whom you've always held dear,
But never forget
God will always be near.

Set your affection
On things above,
Where fires do not destroy,
And there are no floods.

You probably wonder why
God allows such terror,
Forgetting that trials
Produce Christ-like character.

By: Christina Eldridge-Nunn ©2004

Inspired by the loss of my house in 2001

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