The Curse of Chronic Pain

Stores told by the people suffering in touching poems and experiences that are heartbreaking.
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The Curse of Chronic Pain

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"The Curse of Chronic Pain"

Pain is no longer allowed,
You see.
I no longer have pursuit of
Happiness, life, and liberty.

I writhe in my bed wide awake,
Praying to God my life to take.
An addict goes to get his high,
While I am left to suffer and die.

This is all being done
For my own good,
As illegal drugs
Pour into my neighborhood.

As the abuse from medical professionals rings in my head, I can't help but believe,
Maybe they want me dead.

If you think this can't happen to you,
Think again,
You could very easily
Be in my shoes.

Copyright© Christina Nunn 2019

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